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More about RR&S...

If you have an “Oldies” or “Adult-Oriented” radio format, then “Retro Rock & Soul – The Music & The Memories” is the perfect complement to your station lineup!
Retro Rock & Soul is an exciting two hour weekly musical excursion created, and hosted by Ron Moody. It’s the perfect blend of “timeless” unforgettable music and fascinating conversation. Each show spotlights a year in music, or is built around a special theme that ties all the songs within a particular show together.

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Ron Moody
with Gene "Duke of Earl" Chandler and Eddie Floyd. Click on image.

Ron is a host who not only “talks the talk”, but has “walked the walk” as a performer (recorded for Columbia, MGM, and ABC Records), writer, musician, publisher, lecturer, and music historian. In addition, he has also logged over 35 years on the “business side” of the music industry with ABC/Dunhill, Polygram, and Universal Records.
In short, Ron knows music and his passion for the music is evident in the care and research he devotes to each and every show!
Whether it’s a Birthday Salute to Elvis, The Ladies of Rock & Soul, A Spotlight on Songwriters, The Music & Memories of 1969, The “Shagging” Show (the first show of each month is all Beach & Shag Music…btw… Ron is a member of The Beach Music Hall of Fame), or any of the myriad of other topics, it’s what you need to pull in your local businesses and advertisers!
Now…here’s what you get when you add “Retro Rock and Soul – The Music & The Memories” to your station menu…

The show is barter* to any station affiliate that signs up (*show is available at no charge to station affiliate so long as 3 minutes per each hour are designated for use by Retro Rock & Soul).
There are 12, one-minute spots available for your advertising staff to sell to your local businesses. There are 4 – 5 additional advertising minutes available each hour if you do not feature news at the top of the hour. 
A new show is available to be downloaded via MP3 from our website every week once you have created a user name & password.
Personalized Retro Rock & Soul station ID’s are available at no charge.
Numerous 60 second spots known as “Retro Rock & Soul Minutes” are available free with the show. These spots feature interesting music trivia that not only tout the show, but provides the listener with some interesting factoids that are indicative of the show.  Listen now! 

..........................................  RRS Minute Sample 1   |   RRS Minute Sample 2
Show exclusivity for your listening area.

Email Ron now or call 804-201-1900 to find out more.