About the Show

“Retro Rock and Soul – The Music and the Memories” is an exciting new radio concept created and developed by Ron Moody. Ron’s goal is to target an audience, comprised primarily of the 77 million Baby Boomers in the United States, as well as to “educate” a younger demographic regarding the history of popular music.

The show is a fast-paced weekly mix of memorable music and nostalgic conversation. Each week is a specially planned salute to a year or theme. Shows involving a “year” reflect hits from that year, as well as conversation about the corresponding news, people, places, and events.

Theme shows highlight such concepts as “What Is Beach Music”, “The Evolution of Soul Music”, “A Birthday Salute to Elvis Presley”, “The Country Influence on Rock & Roll”, “The Songwriters”, “The Ladies of Rock & Soul”, “The Iconic Record Labels”, etc.

In keeping with his extensive knowledge of musical history, all the songs are personally picked by Ron and are thoroughly researched for historical authenticity. The result is a fun-packed two hour weekly escape to a more nostalgic time. It’s what can best be described as “Musical Mayberry”. On occasion a variety of “guest” co-hosts for selected shows stop by to share their thoughts about the music and the memories. If you have an “Oldies” or an “Adult Demographic”, then “Retro Rock & Soul” is a perfect fit for your listening audience.